207740 – Whipped In The Bar – Mistress Cloe

we have here beautiful mistress cloe in the bar where her slave is locked in a cage. he has been locked in the cage for three months and he is willing to do everything to get out of this uncomfortable cage. well, lets see if he is really right with his promise.mistress cloe decides to test him by dishing out a vicious whipping. she uses here a very painful single tail stockwhip. good to handle for her, hard to handle for a slave as its extremely painful. soon he moans and cries out under the cruel lashes, but the lady continues to stripe his rear and back all around.he always has to beg to get the keys for his cage by accepting more and more lashings but in the end? well.. we are talking here about a cruel female sadist, so did he really thought he have any chance?
Whipped In The Bar - Mistress Cloe
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