207790 – BM

Because my dear paycock Ludger needs special measures to learn his lesson! To all those who are interested in BM, here is an example of how quickly and easily I can influence and make a person’s life, like Ludger’s, uncomfortable…This video is intended for my boy Ludger and is intended for serve as an illustration. Ludger is a well-known public figure and also privately active in the femdom/findom scene. A few days ago I contacted Ludger because he tried to disappear without a word or explanation, ignoring or even canceling my payment requests. POOH! A really stupid move, my dear Ludger! Didn’t you also have the greatest pleasure letting me strip you?! But I think you just wanted to know and forgot what sensitive information I collected about you. Anyway, I had a lot of fun with his well-filled accounts, but Ludger always needed long breaks to recover from our sessions. You must have been really naive to insult and provoke me like that! Did you seriously think you could feel safe by trying to ignore me?! Of course, my dear boy, I will also send you a personal video message to explain my approach if you want to try to appease me. Yes, I am extremely accommodating, but I ALWAYS GET WHAT I DESERVE and especially what I want! I have taken your outrageous action as an opportunity to write some prepared emails with attachments that I will forward to your entire work environment, as well as to your friends and acquaintances… It will give me such a satisfying pleasure!
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