207890 – Fart Revenge

You’ve been hiding a few secrets from me! First off you’re a cheater! I found all your nasty porn books and weird jerk off material. Did you think I wasn’t gonna find out about your gross fetishes? Seriously butt sniffing and farts? Seriously? I knew there was something different about you and I was bound to find out today. You can’t hide your fart fetish from me. I’m the gassiest person ever but had no idea you jerk off to smelly farts and nasty underwear. Oh were you afraid I would break up with you if I knew your secret? Well since I never really liked you as a boyfriend anyways I might as keep you around to sniff my dirty stinkhole and maybe even my fart slave. You know how gassy I am so be prepared for some really nasty farts & I accidentally peed myself. Finally I have use for you after all. You know I have a secret too!
Fart Revenge