207907 – Crushing 91

Bored brats in a crush trampling mood! Destroying is our life!Kirstin and Asmodia are sitting on the couch and, out of boredom, decide to do something hard for their friend. Smirni sleeps peacefully on the couch. The two sophisticated beasts first tie his hands and feet with iron and gag his mouth with a ball. Then Kirstin opens a box of Smirni’s personal favorite things. There you will find a doll, toy cars, a plant and a music box. The two depraved teen brats get more and more in their destructive mood and start trampling his things on the ground out of sadistic meanness. They crush all his favorite things with their high heels and boots. Then Smirni suddenly wakes up and sees what’s going on. But he is bound and gagged and can’t do anything. The two snotty brats enjoy smashing his belongings to the sound of the music box.But that’s not enough. When Smirni wants to intervene, the two kick-happy young sadists grab him as a victim too. They push him to the ground and trample on him. They rise and jump on his face and neck. They dance around on his slave carcass with their boots and heels, screaming devilishly. Then Kirstin takes his glasses and throws them on the floor. Asmodia, the totally hardened boot bride, then happily crushes Smirni’s eye glasses with her heavy boots. While one tramples him, the other keeps his airways closed with HOM.
Crushing 91
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