207991 – consultation hour with Dr. Kitty

Welcome to your first consultation hour with Dr. Kitty. It seems you feel tired since many weeks, get ill every time and this weird prickle in your throat won’t leave at all? Than it is absolutely necassary to consult your trustworthy doctor and you’re in the best hands for sure, because dr. Kitty will find out what’s wrong with ya and how to get you fit and healthy again. We’ll start with anamnesis in which you have to answer all questions concerning your current health situation and lifestlye, followed by my diagnosis and therapy concept! Just ignore all the pills, drops and tinctures that never work – I know best what you need and create a therapy plan you’ll love and that will help activating your self healing power. Your health, wellbeing and capability are most important for me cause I wanna have stressable slave bitches only, so be a good patient, listen what dr. Kitty tells you and you’ll feel better very soon – I promise!
consultation hour with Dr. Kitty
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