208000 – Face in the floor under 4 sneakers

Lady Nora and I have locked the loser in the Facetramplingbox – so we can use his stupid face as our doormat, trample all over it and make him lick the filthy soles of our sneakers. Nora is wearing her Nike Airmax while I’m wearing my white Converse sneakers – both also have a nice rubber sole, that leaves behind nice marks on the loser’s face. In between we order him to stick out his tongue so we can wipe our shoe soles over it to get it cleaned – before he’s getting his face trampled again. It’s just hilarious how pathetic he looks from our perspective – and it’s always the most fun if a slave is completely helpless under our feet and has to endure whatever mean things we come up with!
Face in the floor under 4 sneakers
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