208155 – Foot slave cleans and polishes all my shoes

I want my slave to clean and polish ALL of my shoes – and my shoe cabinet is really filled up to the brim! Of course, I won’t watch him for hours while he does his work … I’ll do something fun instead while he’s sitting on the cold floor of my hallway and licks and polishes my shoes and boots. Before I go out, I put on my sexy white Casadei heels – order him to lick the soles of my shoes and once he’s cleaned them properly, he has to grab some white shoe polish and polish the fine leather to perfection. After he has fulfilled this part of his job, I give him some more instructions and then order him to start cleaning the boots in the shoe cabinet first. He has to lick all the filthy soles, clean the deep treads with his tongue and then polish each boot’s leather! This is definitely going to take him a few hours … and then he’ll move on to the next part of my shoe cabinet, containing all the high heels and other shoes!
Foot slave cleans and polishes all my shoes
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