207824 – GABRIELLA & SCARLET – Trapped under the couch – Foot domination

Divine Gabriella met with one of her best friends, the beautiful Mistress Lady Scarlet! They have planned to spend a day together in the dungeon of Scarlet having fun with some slaves and this series of clips is the report of the day.Snob cruel Gabriella and Scarlet love to have Their feet worshiped but also to see Their slave suffering, so They trapped him under the couch then They sit on it and orders him to lick Her feet! All Their weight and the couch are on his chest, he has difficulty breathing but They are merciless and pretend that he continues to lick! Gabriella kicks and stomps his face very hard just for fun, and Scarlet pushes Her whole foot into his mouth gagging him. They rubs Their soles on his tongue and when They feel it dry They spit into his mouth to get it more wet and soft. The poor slave begs for mercy but They are having too much fun to stop!
GABRIELLA & SCARLET - Trapped under the couch - Foot domination
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