CUSTOM REQUEST – I know that you love to be very cruel with your slaves, that it amuses you to see them suffer for you, that’s why for this video I imagine you being as cruel and brutal as possible, with extreme aggression throughout.Please have your feet unwashed for several days and during this time wear your shoes barefoot in order to sweat and have the most stinky and sweaty feet possible to properly humiliate him.Your slave must not know this, what a surprise when he discovers the smell and the condition of your feet.You order the slave to kneel, you are seated and a table is in front of you, you place your feet on it facing the camera (POV) so that we can see the dirt on your feet but also your face.You put a collar and leash on the slave, then order him to take off a shoe and smell, pull on the leash, slap him, humiliate him verbally. Then foot worship and very extreme foot gagging.Push your foot as deep as possible and with enormous aggression, pull on the leash and leave it there for a long time. Accompanied by numerous very strong slaps and hair pulling, nose pinching, etc.Make him beg, cry for his salvation.Then you remove your foot and start again even more sadistically, and so on. It amuses you immensely to see him suffer for you.Same with the other foot then both and at the same time, etc… Always an extreme cruel foot gagging with maximum brutality and humiliation.Length of this part: 15 mins.After having your slave clean your feet well, you want to continue to humiliate him very brutally by destroying him with facestanding and facejumping… (coming soon in the PART 2 – 25 mins of clip).
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