208226 – Trampling your face under the heels you adore

I know you’re really obsessed with these sexy heels … they’re just so sexy and beautiful – basically the opposite of how you look! And that’s exactly why I’m going to use these heels to beautify your face! I’m going to trample all over your face with those sexy shoes you love so much, cover your whole face with heel marks and hurt you really bad. How does it feel when my full body weight presses those thin heels deep into your skin? Does it hurt a lot? Yes, I bet it does … and I bet it also hurts a lot when the hard platform crushes your lips, doesn’t it? But you’ll endure all this pain to please me, your mistress. No matter how much I hurt you, how much I humiliate you and how much I make you suffer – you’ll always be submissive to me and a slave at my feet! And to make sure the whole world knows about it, I’ll write my initials on your forehead – with heel marks of course!
Trampling your face under the heels you adore
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