208261 – Just GOON! 2

You just enjoy admiring me, every inch of my perfect body is simply adorable! Every movement is pure sensuality…you just can’t get enough of your goddess…that’s why you’re sitting in front of the screen again and watching one clip after another from me in order to condition yourself properly and let yourself be triggered -just like everything triggers you now…because you’re a jerk-off-addicted gooning victim! Every millimeter of bare skin causes your synapses to boil over, you are already absolutely overstimulated from all the constant jerking off. But you never get enough, staring, tensing and drooling to store as many impressions as possible in your wanked mushy brain…for now, for later, forever! You’ve already sealed your own fate to be a pathetic handfuck loser forever! So you will never be able to get close to a real woman again because you have jerked yourself off into porn sexuality! You couldn’t let go of your cock and that plays into my hands to unscrupulously exploit your instinct-driven stupidity! I never want you to stop! I want you to jerk off even harder, fuck yourself even more morbidly! Over and over again! Hour after hour, day after day, week after week, month after month…completely orgasm free, no (happy) endings, ONLY EDGIES…until it completely blows your mind! You realize how happy your masturbation addiction makes you, stupid, easily influenced but infinitely happy! And it can be like this forever if you just never stop GOONING!
Just GOON! 2
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