208054 – Erin’s First Experience -Camera 2

Murdrotica and her friend Erin sit on a cushion flattening the slave beneath their combined weight. Murdrotica is about to show her friend how to treat a slave beneath their feet. Both girls shove their sweaty socks in it’s face as they block it’s breathing with their feet and toes laughing at it’s feeble attempts to squirm out from under them. They give it a facial massage rubbing their feet into it’s face burying it beneath their socks. Murdrotica squishes it’s nose between her toes as Erin presses her feet on top adding to the pressure! The girls are having a blast as Erin plays the kind and gentle Angel wanting to show it mercy while Murdrotica is just evil enjoying the pain they inflict on their victim below.Erin sits on the cushion over the slave’s stomach as Murdrotica sits on it’s face. The girls hold hands as they rock back and forth on it’s body and face while bouncing on it! It’s face and body is getting completely flattened like a pancake! Erin then kneels over it’s stomach then stands on it as Murdrotica supports her balance while her friend jumps! The slave records the action from the ground getting a great POV scene in there as the main camera captures the rest. The facesitting doesn’t stop as Murdrotica sits on it’s face with her fullweight. The girls go back to sticking their feet in it’s face before Murdrotica comes up with a plan. She asks her friend Erin to cover it’s face with her feet as she sits atop her feet smooshing it’s face below! Now it can smell Erin’s sweat covered socks under the full weight of Murdrotica’s bum! Murdrotica goes back to bouncing breaking it’s face beneath Erin’s feet! "Feel it’s face breaking beneath my feet, gotta be gentle now!". Both girls are having a blast despite Erin worrying about it’s poor face as Murdrotica laughs and bounces her ass up and down smooshing it into Erin’s sweaty feet without mercy!INCLUDES BEHIND THE SCENES FOOTAGE WITH NO CUTS PLUS TWO CAMERA ANGLES TO CAPTURE ALL THE ACTION!
Erin's First Experience -Camera 2
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