208280 – 16 Strokes for the Failure – Lady Iveta

Hands up its weekend! Oh wait, that was a different challenge. What Lady Iveta is asking of her slave here weighs heavily in the truest sense of the word!And if we’re honest, this jerk looks a little weak. But Lady Iveta is always fair and ready to give everyone a fair chance. So also this little loser. Basically, the exercise is very simple. At least if you are very sporty and athletic. But that’s the fly in the ointment. We talked about his constitution. In addition, the whole thing doesn’t get any easier if Lady Iveta also spanks his ass with a stick. But it comes as it had to come. We don’t want to spoil too much. But one of the two ends up at the St. Andrew’s Cross and is brutally beaten. A little hint, it’s not Lady Iveta.
16 Strokes for the Failure - Lady Iveta
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