208224 – Facesitting 373

Facesitting Striptease – Trample Girls! Princess Bridget and Princess Amorela have come up with a special meanness for their slave. While he’s being tormented, he’s supposed to be made horny and teased. To do this, the two young Sado Girls wrap their victims completely in foil. The game begins when Amorela sits down on Smirni’s face with her jeans hot pants ass, thus suffocating him. Meanwhile, the petite model princess Bridget tramples his slave’s body with her pointed high heels. She sadistically drills the pointed heels of her heels into his flesh. The heels pierce through the foil and burn red marks into his slave meat. The sadistic teen mistress really enjoys that and she dances to horny rhythms on his body with her high heels. Then the two devilish girls take turns and now Amorela tramples him with her hard high heels while Bridget smothers him in her white skirt. After that, they start playfully undressing each other on top of him. If Bridget is into Smirni, Amorela will strip her of a piece of clothing while continuing to trample Smirni and vice versa. The other one sits constantly on his face to take his breath away. Completely wrapped in foil, Smirni can no longer breathe under the asses of the two sado ladies and has to endure in pain how they also abuse his body with the pointed heels at the same time.
Facesitting 373
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