ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – Outfit: free choice, but leather clothes.In the first scene, Elena is dressed casually with sneakers.For everything else, possibly over-the-knee boots in matte leather.Plot:You with a friend of yours (we’ll call Elena) who complains about her boyfriend who doesn’t touch her anymore. Elena calls him and notices that he is embarrassed because he sees your boots Mistress Gaia, and starts to get excited. This explains the reason. Elena is too sporty and gets angry because he could have said it instead of staying silent. Elena suspects that he has another girl not because of her beauty, but because she had boots. She asks for confirmation in a firm tone, but he denies it, so first he makes him undress and then asks you, Mistress Gaia, to bring your boot closer to tease him first with the toe, then with the sole and then with the heel: in a short time he sees that he he’s getting excited.Elena is furious and you, Mistress Gaia, advise her to change and make herself more sexy especially with very high black leather boots.Elena comes back more beautiful than ever, but more than a girl she now seems like a Mistress and as such she lets off steam on him with insults and humiliations and asks you, Mistress Gaia, to do the same.Elena tells him that he will only get that from her anymore, no sex, no blowjobs, no kisses, etc.He will only be a slave to her boots and the only way to come will be to be jerked off by his boots. First he gets his boots licked, then he constrain him to do the same to his Mistress Gaia. Not happy, both of you standing, back to back, constrain him to kneel in the middle as if you were between your two bottoms, but without touching him: on the other hand, raise one of your boots (for example Mistress Gaia the right foot, Mistress Elena the left foot) so that first you trap his cock between your boots and then you raise your feet even further to punish him and constrain him to take both heels in his mouth.Elena, not happy, wants him to suck her heel better, and you, Mistress Gaia, tease his cock because you want him to associate humiliation with enjoyment.Finally Elena sits with her legs crossed and makes the slave get on his knees. She uses the toe first and then her heel to masturbate him, and laughs to see how he is still, undergoing a hard masturbation with his cock between the heel and the sole.It’s difficult to come like this, but it’s Elena who wants it, she wants that to be the only way for him to come, just as he no longer touched her for this stupid reason. He is late in arriving so Elena, fed up, traps his cock with both boots and masturbates him with determination and since she knows him, she also helps him with her voice, ordering him to cum on his boots, over and over and over again until he resists and floods all of Elena’s boots.Elena asks you, Mistress Gaia, to come closer and rub your boots with her own, passing the sperm from her boots to yours, so the slave is constrained to clean yours too.The clip ends with the two of you sitting and chasing away the slave, you make yourselves comfortable with mirror-image crossed legs, i.e. one’s left leg and the other’s right leg, very close, i.e. with the two feet practically attached, which you look at on cam saying at the same time : this is your end, stupid males: you will lick the heels of our boots. Then retract your crossed leg and caress your heel with the camera going into close up first on one and then on the other.
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