208461 – ELIZABETH – ‘Cruel Young Boss’ – Foot Worship And Verbal Humiliation

NEW GIRL, AMAZING HUMILIATRIX ELIZABETH!Supersexy and snob Elizabeth is the step-daughter of the CEO of the company. Even is she is just 21, her step-father gave her the general manager position. She is extremely intelligent and the company already goes better, but she has no mercy for the average employees and she fired all of them to replace them with new ambitious ones. All male workers of the company are afraid of Elizabeth, but they are also in love with her!Cruel beauty Elizabeth calls her employee and she announces him that she decided to keep him. He is so happy, but Elizabeth lets him know that he will not be just a worker, but also her slave, he must do whatever she says, lick her shoes and feet when she wants and do any work she wants from him. She commands him to remove her shoes and, as she has her feet on the desk, she orders him to worship them. While the poor guy worship his boss’es feet like there is no tomorrow, she ignores him checking her computer and when she looks at him, she humiliates him hard verbally. She rubs her feet all over his face and she informs him that a friend of hers is going to come, he is gay and he loves the slaveboys like him to suck his cock! The poor guy is ready to cry and that makes Elizabeth laugh! She commands him to lay on the floor and she footgags him and dominates him some more with his face under her perfect feet!!!
ELIZABETH - 'Cruel Young Boss' - Foot Worship And Verbal Humiliation
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