208642 – Dirty shoe challenge for the foot slave

Today I’ve a nice challenge prepared for my foot slave – he’ll have to clean 3 pairs of dirty shoes for me today. We’ll start off easy – with my Casadei heels … they don’t have a tread and there’s just some street dirt and dust on the soles, which he has to lick off. But it only gets worse from there. Next up are my Buffalo boots, with quite dirty soles – I guess I walked somewhere muddy with these – and he will lick off all the dirt from the soles! His tongue immediately turns brown when I wipe the dirty boot soles over it … but the worst is still to come! My ankle boots with a very deep tread … who knows what I collected in all the grooves over the past couple of weeks … and I don’t really care either … the loser will use the tip of his tongue to collect all the dirt stuck in the shoe’s tread – no matter how long that takes him!
Dirty shoe challenge for the foot slave
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