209134 – Slave kissing my feet

I have my slave here, getting down on his knees to start sniffing my wet socks. I am very comfortable in the sun and looking forward to humiliating my slave once again. I love it when I order him to take off my socks and he starts kissing my feet. Take note, because that’s how I love my little piggies. I ask him to massage, to snuffle, to kiss my feet and he obeys in every way! It’s wonderful to lie here while a wimp does everything I ask him to do. I feel like a real Goddess. I deserve it! Is he getting hot or is he tired of being on his knees? Well, fuck him! Every submissive must know that he doesn’t come into my presence for vacation or to be relax. No, he comes to obey me and to know where his place is! They are always below me, at the feet of their one and only Mistress, complying with all my orders and doing to everything I say to the letter. They must feel that massaging and kissing my feet is quite a privilege for them. I love to be wicked with my slaves.
Slave kissing my feet
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