209445 – Lick my stinky socks and feet clean

Lesbian Mistress Morana: Lick my stinky socks and feet cleanI call the foot slave to my feet and give him the order to lick and suck my dirty socks clean. I was just in the basement with my white socks. Now my socks are not only fragrant, but also really dirty. With this I can tease my foot slave a little because he has to lick the dirt off and with passion. I, as a mistress who loves women, will use men as slaves to the maximum. Men only get my feet.You know that I live with a woman and my girlfriend sometimes complains that my feet are so dry. Then I thought of the foot slave, he could lick my feet wet before every meeting with my girlfriend. My heels in particular have calluses and are very dry. Come on, slave! Lick my calluses wet and the entire soles of my feet. My toes and the spaces between my toes also have to be licked clean. I knew that men were good for something too. That’s right: licking feet wet!
Lick my stinky socks and feet clean
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