ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – So I would like a video where you are the teacher and he is the student, obviously you show up in a miniskirt and very sheer black stockings and stiletto heels. You sit on the sofa next to him and start asking him why he’s only getting bad grades lately…then sitting with your legs crossed while you talk to him you notice that his eyes always go to your legs and feet…until you don’t realize it but without saying anything you start playing with your legs in a sensual way moving them up and down keeping them crossed! Then overlap them on one side and then do it again on the other. This game will drive him crazy until he can’t help but tell you. Then you rest your legs on him and start teasing him about how crazy and excited he is at the sight of your legs in sheer stockings. Then also take off your heels to show him your feet well. He doesn’t resist to the point that he starts caressing your legs and feet, and while he does so he continually touches his package. So you decide to take him to heaven by placing your foot on his cock by placing your foot on his cock through his pants to feel how excited he is. You feel that he has a marble cock and you make fun of him by telling him that he risks Cumming in his underwear. At that point you take it out and grab his dick with your feet and give him a nice footjob both with your fingers and with the central part of your feet, then you grab his dick at the height of his calves and continue to jerk him off with the leg job. Then you continue with your feet until he can’t resist anymore and you make him squirt in a devastating way, a sensational splash that will mostly end up on the feet and legs. When he comes I’d like to hear a scream of pleasure from him and you laughing in his face?
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