209705 – Lick My Sparkling Boots Part 1 – Lady Iveta

The first clip from the last shoot with the unique Lady Iveta. Jeez. He he thought he was being polite and stood in front of his mistress like a tin man and then that’s wrong again. Of course, we could have told him that beforehand. But we haven’t. One could accuse us of malice, but that would actually be… correct!Surely, we do everything to give our slaves a really shitty day. And not only us but also our wonderful Lady Iveta. We’re just model boys compared to her. Amazing how quickly she gets the slave on all fours to work on her glittering and sparkling over-knees. With lips and tongue! Great. Of course, as a reward, forgive me, as a punishment, there are still a few good slaps on the buttocks with the crop! Nobody should say afterwards that the ass isn’t red or that it can still sit when it leaves Lady Iveta’s studio. This is also about call and reputation!
Lick My Sparkling Boots Part 1 - Lady Iveta
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