209733 – Electrifying Double Domination – Mistress Bella Lugosi

Electricity in the butt is about like having ants in the pants. The ancient Greeks already knew that. But they had the big problem that they had no sockets or batteries. Stupid for the ancient Greeks, but all the better for our Mistress Bella Lugosi. So plugged in quickly and put the sphincter under tension. Wonderful how that tingle. For sure you have to slap the ass every now and then, so that the slave doesn’t go into ecstasy from sheer lust. But she already has a practiced eye on it. We need to mention the substitute slave who watches over what is happening, is also useful. It’s not just for decoration purposes, it’s much more useful if slave number one is worn out. And an experienced dominatrix sometimes has no problem taking care of 2 minions. And while one of them is cooling off his steaming rosette, the exchange slave gets a good beating. In the end, only the mistress is rewarded anyway. Feet up and relaxed. But she deserved it after such a hard session.
Electrifying Double Domination - Mistress Bella Lugosi
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