209897 – Trampling your face after a long office day

I had a really long day at work – and now I want to relax a bit! My nylon feet are steaming in these heels – and obviously, you’ll get to smell and feel them … a little bit later … first, I’ll trample your face with my office pumps! Again and again I step onto your face, trample it and stomp down onto it – leaving behind painful marks with every step. And only after that, I’ll take off my heels and trample your face under my sweaty nylon feet. Your face will be crushed even more and at the same time you’ll get to smell my feet – adding some humiliation to the pain! Isn’t it great that you can suffer for my amusement, so I can relax after a long day of work? You want me to have fun and relax, or don’t you?! Maybe I should take you into the office with me next time? Maybe some of my colleagues would love that kind of relaxation as well?!
Trampling your face after a long office day
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