209860 – Venus In Furs – Bullwhip And Singletails – Mistress Cloe

today we have the final (and best) part of our venus-series with gorgeous german lady mistress cloe. after all the hard and serious punishment in the last part she still is not through with the slave. she has new toys and she wants to test them of course on the slaves body. so she starts with a brown snakewhip. very swishy, made of leather and already very painful of course. to have a better swing venus cloe takes off the fur this time and still looks superphantastic with a red blouse and a golden corset.our slave moans out loud under the strokes with this whip but its just the first whip to be tested of three.next is another single tail whip made of tight leather. she applies stroke after stroke again with this whip and this whip is even more painful than the first. mistress cloe uses a very special personal technique here with thee whips.at least she uses a classic bullwhip again with this special technique but then she uses also a classic backhand technique.but to be honest – with these hard whips any technique is a really hard and extremely painful treatment for a slave body and our slave moans out loud from the hard strokes of his goddess!
Venus In Furs - Bullwhip And Singletails - Mistress Cloe
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