209977 – Carelessly crushing his hands under my shoes

I’m on the phone with a friend while my slave has to sit in the corner – with his hands in front of him, so I can trample them under my Louboutin high heels while talking on the phone! The heels have a very hard sole, perfect to flatten a slave’s fingers and thin, sharp heels that easily dig into the slave’s flesh – but I’ve ordered the slave to stay silent to not disturb my phone call – despite the massive pain he will have to endure. Sometimes, I just keep standing on his hands for a while, paying close attention to the call, other times, I walk back and forth carelessly and sometimes I intentionally use my heels to test the slave’s promise of staying quiet. After ending my phone call, I can finally pay some attention to the pathetic loser suffering at my feet … and really test his pain limits!
Carelessly crushing his hands under my shoes
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