209863 – Evas Play Part 3 – Madame Eva-Liliel Black

Here we are again and we are absolutely proud to be able to present you a new masterpiece in four acts as well as a brand new lady! Let’s welcome Madame Eva-Liliel Black! So, it hurts not just once while watching, but four times. If you are of the delicate and fragile kind, you better keep your hands off this sadistic adventure.Madame Eva-Liliel opens the really big guns and assaults a defenseless and worthless piece of meat. Wrapped up like a roll roast and blindfolded, her slave is ready to endure the worst ************s. Marked by the last encounters, we were very worried if he would survive this session. But since we are merciless in our dealings and our Madame Eva-Liliel knows no scruples, we gave her a free hand. And she actually uses every free hand to come up with new nasties. In the first part, she starts with pierced nipples and perforated skin. She increases the suffering of our poor soul from part to part into immeasurable torments. We were always a friend of being electrified, but what our dominatrix does here with the best piece of her slave is so cruel and inhuman. Agony reaches a new dimension here. Only if you are strong enough, take a look at all 4 parts and then go straight to your knees and beg for forgiveness!
Evas Play Part 3 - Madame Eva-Liliel Black
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