209808 – Gabri 0121 Slave Challenge 6 Facekick-1

Divine Gabriella wants to know which is the best slave between slave Fatty and slave Wormy, so She decided to submit them to some challenges… Another thing that cruel Gabriella really loves is to kick Her slave’s faces, so the sixth challenge is about this: the first contender is slave Fatty. Gabriella starts to slap and kick his face with Her stockinged feet, laughing at him because he starts to cry very soon. She keeps slapping and kicking him until, after a couple of minutes, he gives up… Now is the turn of slave Wormy: She starts to slap and kick him and She notices that he can take it much better than slave Fatty, so She gets more brutal, slapping and kicking and stomping his face very hard, until She decides that he is the winner! Slave Wormy is destroyed but he is very happy about the victory and he thanks Gabriella, but She says with a cruel smile why do you thank me, I want to continue!. Slave wormy cries and begs Her for mercy but She starts again to kick and stomp very hard his face without any pity, laughing at him!
Gabri 0121 Slave Challenge 6 Facekick-1
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