210090 – Filthy Gym Girl Farts

Just getting ready for the gym and need to down a protein shake. The only issue is I’ll be super gassy if I drink it! Then again I don’t care if I have to fart at the gym, no one will think it’s me anyways. Besides I know you have a crush on me. I’ve seen how you check me out. I try to dress down and be casual but there you are, always gawking at me. Today I’m gonna just wear my comfy joggers so my farts can just flow out with ease. That way I can fart in between sets fast. I know you’ll be sniffing the space when I’m done so thank me for being so thoughtful! Now you finally get to sniff my filthy ass. I bet you love farts don’t you? Put your face in my sweaty ass and inhale, I have a massive fart waiting for you!
Filthy Gym Girl Farts