ITALIAN SPEAKINGI instructed my slave to clear some leaves away and he didn?t do it. So after standing on them, I?m going to get him to use his tongue to clean my beautiful black leather boots. I have him on a leash, and bring him over to my stool. He has to remain on his knees where he belongs. While I get him to lick my boots, I?m going to enjoy a cigarette. I know he has a boot fetish, and I decide to tease and taunt him. I press his little cock between the feet of my boots and he begs me to let him cum. Not yet? I continue to make him suffer giving his balls a good kick, and using him as my human ashtray. Eventually I allow him to play with his cock and he can only cum when I say. Eventually I allow him to cum and he squirts his mess over my boots. Of course he? going to lick it all off until my boots are perfectly clean. When finished, I might take him out for a short walk on his collar and leash to teach him to Heel?
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