210128 – LYA – ‘The floor is cold’ – Foot domination, face as a footstool

Even when She rests, Wonderful Lya always wants to keep his slave in the right position: under Her feet! Today She wants to relax sitting on the couch and checking Her phone, but She doesn’t want to put Her feet on the cold floor so She uses Her slave’s face as a footstool, putting Her feet on his face. She feels that is face is soft and warm, the perfect place to rest Her feet! All the weight of Her legs is on his face crushing it but She totally doesn’t care about him, if he breath or not, if She crushes his lips, nose or eyes, She just want to be comfortable. After a while She wants a foot massage but in Her special way of course: She orders him to take his tongue out and She starts to rub and wipe Her soles on it. She also orders to lick them while Her foot is still pressed on his face, crushing it. She uses Her slave’s face and tongue as a tool for a relaxing foot massage, while She releases the stress of the day.
LYA - 'The floor is cold' - Foot domination, face as a footstool
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