210140 – Facesitting and humiliation before the party

So, I’m heading out to a party soon – and you’re obviously not invited, loser! You wouldn’t fit in with all the hot girls and alpha men! You’ll stay here, wait for me to come back and feel sorry for yourself – while I’m going to have fun with some real men. But before that, I’ve a good use for you – you, more precisely your face, will serve me as a make-up chair! Your face will be flattened under my sexy butt and you’ll be smothered by it. And maybe, if I’m feeling generous today, you’ll be allowed to lick my party shoes clean afterwards as well! Isn’t that a good deal for a loser like you? Being used as human furniture and being allowed to lick dirt from shoe soles on the same day?! And to make sure you don’t forget what you are, I’ll write LOSER on your forehead with my lipstick 😀 Or should I take you with me? Now that you’re properly marked, I could take you on a leash and present you to the other people at the party? Use you in front of them and allow them to use you as well? We’ll see …
Facesitting and humiliation before the party
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