209447 – Facesitting Survival Challenge

I feel like I’m going to break you Murdrotica says sitting on her sub’s face fullweight! It’s face squishes in deep between her ass cheeks. She sits on it’s face and throat causing it great discomfort. Do you like when I squish your face with my ass?Murdrotica enjoys watching it’s face change color as she sits on it without mercy! She pulls her sweatpants down getting it’s face even deeper into her ass. Tons of fullweight face sitting as it struggles to survive under the full weight of her ass! It’s veins pop out of it’s face and forehead as Murdrotica taunts it while smothering it in her ass! She holds it’s arms in a tight grip Now I can sit on you for as long as I want to -and you can’t do anything! He attempts to lift her off but can’t because she’s holding his arms down bearing the full weight of her ass entirely on it’s face! Balancing herself using it’s arms she manages to remain seated on it’s face for quite some time as his struggles grow weaker!Will our slave survive Round 1 and have what it takes to survive Murdrotica’s Facesitting Challenge?
Facesitting Survival Challenge
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