210270 – Completely destroying your face after jogging

How do you feel down there? Was it uncomfortable to lie in the dirt while I was running? You know, I won’t get into my car with such dirty running shoes … that’s what I brought you for! I’ll trample all over your face and use it as my doormat – does it hurt when I rub my dirty shoe soles over your face and stomp down onto it? Yes, I bet it does – but that’s the life of a doormat! And if I break you, I’ll just get a new doormat! Don’t worry about the people and cars passing by … they can see that you’re nothing but a slave and doormat! These rubber soles really do a lot of damage to your face … do you want to be replaced doormat? Should I end your suffering?! I can do that – but maybe differently than you thought … I’ll just drive over your face a couple times with my car – that’s going to end your suffering for good!
Completely destroying your face after jogging
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