28726 – CLIP – Onikas Tickle Idea – Full Version

This one\’s a little odd, but I had to run out at the session. So I left it up to Onika to run the set. This is what she came up with. The girls are oddly positioned for a tickling scene, but luckily the girls are very ticklish. Jillian comes in to join new girl Lizz, and ultra ticklish Renee. After getting up on Renee, the tickling begins. Jillian takes turn switching between the two girls… A special point of interest is the merciless working of Renee\’s soles. The girls then switch up their positions, which again is a bit odd the way it\’s done. But with tickles all the way around, plenty of laughs. Kicking feet, and swatting hands trying to block it. Lizz, for being new, is a quick study as she bounces back and forth between Renee, and Jillian… Now it\’s Renee\’s turn to get revenge. She\’s been on the bottom almost the whole time, and couldn\’t escape, but now she is, and ticklish with a vengeance. She had not been around for a few months, but remembered and picks up right where she left off. While a bit different in positions and theme to this. You still have some nice tickling action for your delight.

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