28732 – CLIP – Tickly Tootsies – Full Version

What I love about this clip is two fold. One, Monica taunting the helpless Staci. Secondly, the foot curling and spreading action of Staci as her feet are getting mercilessly tickled. There is something about wiggling, curling, spreading toes that give me a lift off… Staci starts out tied up, handcuffed, and her feet in the air. She has them up in the air just waiting to be tickled. Luckily she doesn\’t have to wait long for Monica to come in and do just that. In no time the laughter is rolling. She has Staci squirming all over as she probes her ticklish spots… Monica then flips over Staci and you get a soles in your face view of the tickling and taunting with Staci\’s face in the background as the soft soles are tickled. I love the toe action in this clip, but there is plenty worked from head to toes for delight.

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