113501 – Whipcracking In The Mansion (FULL HD) – Lady Danica

Next clip with beautiful brunette mistress LADY DANICA! she is dressed in a shiny pvc secretary outfit wearing also shiny high heel pumps. and its about playing with and cracking whips…and lady danica is not a shy one when it comes to whipcracking…some ladies or even mistresses are sometimes a lil bit affraid when cracking a long bullwhip or so cuz they are affraid to hurt themselves, but not lada danica… first she is playing with a shorter snake whip before going over to a hunting whip, then up to our deer leather whip and then our very long brown bullwhip – bringing them all down with loud cracks… very fearful or slave? yes…cuz YOU know when a lady can play in that way with whips she can handle it and she could even whip YOUR body all over… 🙂 clip duration: 07.02 mins.
Whipcracking In The Mansion (FULL HD) - Lady Danica
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