115126 – Mistress Natalia – Human Doormat

Mistress Natalia uses Alex as a human doormat. Her slave is lying on the floor near the door and waiting until she find some use for him. Mistress Natalia decides to go out. She takes her blue boots and notice that they are dirty, because Alex didn’t clean them in time. Now she will be clean it on the slave. She put on her shoes and place her feet on the slave. Then Mistress Natalia began to clean it with brush. When she is finished she decide to trample her slave with her full weight (70kg / 154lbs). It’s very hard for Alex to endure all this pain, because he lies on the tile floor and the soles of Mistress Natalia’s boots are very rough and cruel. You even can see very clear pattern of her boot’s soles on the slave. Especially good footprints are leaves on Alex’s body when Mistress Natalia stands only on one foot on him for a long time. And she loves to see this pattern on the slave.
Mistress Natalia - Human Doormat
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