116952 – Look but don’t touch

Includes – female domination – ebony female domination – femdom pov- femdom – chastity – cock tease – chastity tasks – cock control – cum control – ass fetish – ass worship – denial – slave training I love to be worshipped.I love my slave boi to be in tune with my gorgeous curvy body. To follow my explicit instructions on how you should touch, where you should kiss, how long for…Loyal chastity slaves just like you can earn the honour of being on hands and knees in front of the altar of their Nubian Goddess’s arse. Cowering beneath such majestic and fearful beauty.You would love nothing more than that wouldn’t you chastity boi? To be infinitely mine. Forever and ever and ever… Worshipping and exalting my perfection… All the while locked away safely in your cage…Just as it should be…
Look but don't touch
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