117445 – Beneath Her Riding Boots

Hello everyone. I bet you know Miss Jessica Wood very well. She is a riding mistress today wearing her gorgeous black leather riding boots, some brown jodhpurs and her beautiful white shirt. Such a stunning outfit to be honest. The first 2-3 minutes Miss Jessica Wood is smothering the slave Rusty as she is using him as a comfortable little sit. The rest of the clip is trampling and stomping of course. These boots are quite heavy to be honest and Miss Jessica really enjoys using them on Rusty’s back as he is just a solid furniture beneath her heavy boots. Absolutely full weight trampling and stomping. Slave Rusty is very silent because he has been told to do so by the mistress of course. Miss Jessica doesn’t like noisy slaves by the way. It looks like he is not suffering, but he does. She is standing on his head at some point. You can see some boots prints on the slave’s body as well. The slave is really well trained by Miss Jessica as you can see at the end of the clip that he puts his hand on the floor so the mistress can step on his hand of course. How obedient slave is he ? Close ups and full body views also.For all riding boots lovers 🙂
Beneath Her Riding Boots
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