156920 – Standing on Slave Flesh

You know the splendid sadistic Mistress Julia Taylor. She is here today for more trampling of course. Wearing her black skinny leather trousers, having her black leather low heel boots on and a nice black top the stunning Mistress wants her soles licked clean before the trampling starts. The skinny slave is obedient and he will do what he had been told to. So you can enjoy some penis stomping and jumping, trampling, more jumping and marching. I love the moment when Miss Julia says that the cocks were made for stomping on while keep stomping on his penis. She is quite cruel. At some point the slave did cum under Miss Julia’s boots and he made a mess on her boots. So he has to licked them clean again. I am sure he will not cum on Miss Julia Taylor’s boots anymore.There are a few slow motion moments added for the beautiful moments.
Standing on Slave Flesh
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