156923 – Leather Boots Trampling by Mistress Jo

The beautiful Mistress with an exotic indian background Mistress Jo is here again to do more trampling. Dressed very sexy wearing her very short latex pants, a nice black top, beautiful stockings and black leather boots the Mistress is absolutely ready to have some fun trampling the slave. It’s the same slave who’s already in pain from the previous clip, but Mistress Jo wasn’t satisfied with him, so he has to suffer again beneath her leather boots.The Mistress plays a game with the skinny slave today. She jumps on him asking him how hard the jumps are from the scale 1 to 10. She wants to reach number 10 intensity of trampling and the Mistress did it of course. She starts with some gentle jumps in the beginning. In the first couple of minutes Mistress Jo jumps on the slave’s back, but the rest of the clip is trampling and jumping on his front. I think this particular slave is too weak. To be honest the entire clip is jumping on the slave.There are some slow motions added for some of the jumps.
Leather Boots Trampling by Mistress Jo
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