156921 – Pointy Toe Leather Boots Trampling

Mistress Krush and Lady Dark Angel join their powers for some merciless trampling today. Wow, these ladies are absolutely sadistic. They’ve started with the trampling straight from the beginning. Dressed so sexy in tight leggings and jodhpurs wearing their gorgeous high heeled pointy toe leather boots the two mistresses will have a lot of fun , humiliating and the slave. Facesitting, a little bit of penis crushing, jumping, full weight double trampling, heels scratching and nice heel marks on the slave’s body are taking place during the clip. After 5 min of trampling the ladies decided to have the slave on his knees in the corner, so they can humiliating a bit more with some kicking and spitting.There are a few close ups only this time, but there are a couple of slow moments added for the beautiful high heels jumping.
Pointy Toe Leather Boots Trampling
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