ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – Mistress is dressed suitable for a workout, and barefoot.Her slave is completely naked Ballbusting Olympic Games Training.Mistress Gaia is about to participate in the first Femdom Olympics.Among the many categories in which she has decided to compete is that of Ballbusting in which she is sure she can win many medals. The types of official competitions that can be faced are different and Mistress Gaia has decided to train to be the best.The video starts with the slave ready in the cock table, and her jumping into the scene. I’m warming up because today is a training day, finally there is the first edition of the Femdom Olympic Games, and I absolutely don’t want to miss them. I want to take home as many medals as possibleShe gets on the table and finishes the warm-up by performing one of her amazing footjobs by masturbating the slave’s cock lying on the table with her toes right under the head. With a two camera shot, I would like one to be positioned at a wide range to shoot the whole video, and the other, close-up on the table in such a way as to be able to admire her feet while they perform the footjob, and see the splash well. Once the slave comes mistress will scold him for doing it too soon, and that she still hasn’t finished warming up … she will continue until she considers it enough.At this point the training begins in the various categories:Fast Kicks.With stopwatch in hand will have to try to give as many kicks in the balls as possible in one minute. Eventually he will announcethe number of kicks she was able to deliver and decide if she is satisfied or if she wants to try to improve again.Run KicksThe run kick will be evaluated based on the elegance of the kick and the noise produced by the balls. You will have to practicekicking with the resort, until you are satisfied with the technique achieved.Sensual KicksIn this category, feminine sensuality and the surprise effect are evaluated. She will have to assume a sensual attitude thatdistracts the slave and ultimately throw a kick.Double kickThe double kick is one of the most difficult to perform. Jumping in front of the slave he will have to hit him first with one foot andthen with the other always in the same jump.Beat Down KicksThe perfect beat down kick is the kick that knocks the man out. Your goal is to knock the slave down with one kick.Then she’ll kick him and get him back up each time until once he gets up, all she needs is a kick to send him back to the ground.The video ends with victory pose to use in the Femdom Olympic Games.
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