159076 – Human Heel Sharpener

We have the gorgeous and notorious sadist Miss Suzanna Maxwell today. She’s got her personal human heel sharpener on the floor ready to be tested. The heels of her Louboutins are extremely sharp and thin, but she needs them to be sharper before she goes to dinner tonight.Dressed casually with so nice black top and black leather pencil skirt Miss Suzanna will have fun and humiliating the slave. You know her extremely sadistic style. Heels digging, heels scratching, full weight trampling on the slave’s front and back are taking place during the clip. There are also some stomps. The slave is trying to be silent but Miss Suzanna is so sadistic and he moans and squirms from time to time. There is very nice high heel stomp on the slave’s back in the beginning with slow motion added of course. You can see later in the clip the gorgeous heel mark on his back. Miss Suzanna is so satisfied with that beautiful mark. Such a cruel Mistress, isn’t she. Miss Suzanna Maxwell just doesn’t have mercy. I love the moment when she asks the slave if it hurts while standing on his chest with her high heels. Of course he says it hurts but she doesn’t care. The Goddess just keep standing on him. Miss Suzanna also looks straight into the camera many times as she’s talking to you while trampling the skinny slave. Of course at the end of the clip the slave is just left there on the floor. In a nutshell it’s very beautiful sensual and sadistic trampling. Just so worth watching. You can also see some nice heels marks on the slave’s front and back. There is also a moment of penis trampling as well.The first 4 minutes you can enjoy trampling on the slave’s back and the rest of the clip is trampling on his front. Mainly on his chest and stomach. There are full body angles, close ups and one slow motion.
Human Heel Sharpener
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