162050 – Cuckolding 166

Cuckold hubby think he fuck a woman! The two devilish friends Clarissa and Simona drive their two married couples back to new humiliating dimensions. They persuade Simona’s hubby to be blindfolded in order to fuck a new friend of theirs in a sex game. Clarissa’s husband, in turn, was tied up, believing he was being fucked with a strapon by the two. In truth, Simona’s husband has to fuck Clarissa’s husband in the ass. This is really fun for the two sadistic, totally depraved sluts. When they can humiliate their two cunt servants totally swollen to the bottom. While he is fucking the guy, Simona finally pulls his mask down and he sees what he is actually doing. But of course the totally subjugated cuckold loser doesn’t even dare to contradict and let everything go on. In the end he wicks all the broth in the face of Clarissa’s cuckold loser. Finally there are POV Small Penis Humiliation Jerk Off Instructions for you more losers!
Cuckolding 166
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