162051 – Cuckolding 167

We make our hubbies together bi!Clarissa and Simona enslave their two husbands into cuckolds. The dominant blonde beast first stuns her husband while he is working in the workshop. At the same time, Simona seduces her husband to take part in a hot game and ties him to a chair. Then both are brought together in one room. Clarissa’s hubby is locked in the cage and Simona’s slipper hero is tortured with electrical devices in his chair. What two sadistic tyrannins they are. They horny their two cuckolds, teasing them with their pussies and stimuli to make them more and more horny and less willed. Finally Clarissa ****** her cuckold hubby to suck Simona’s husband’s cock. Both of them are not gay, but so subjugated and submissively horny for their dominant women that they go along with anything.
Cuckolding 167
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