164589 – INHALE – Manipulative CEI Conditioning

If I lure you with aroma, you will quickly degenerate into my little cum-eater puppet. You just do everything I ask of you, because your lust clouds your brain. My hot teasing feeds your greed even further until you open your mouth all by yourself to swallow your disgusting sperm for me. Yes, you really long for it! Let it melt on your submissive tongue, loser. We both know you want it anyway – you just need to be brain-fucked by me and go over your disgust! And you get a taste for it, haha! Take a deep breath and jerk off your miserable cock to my hot cum countdown. Be my CEI bitch! You are about to greedily eat your cum for me, that’s a fact. And then you will thank me for feeling what you are once again. A sperm eater, an inhale-horny wank mouth – that and nothing else is you! So start the clip…
INHALE - Manipulative CEI Conditioning
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