164772 – Agnes 5 WMV

Full movie. He is tied to the bed. She in the fishnets nad black beautiful high boots on high and thin heels tramples on his body, stands on his head. She puts a pillow on his face so that he doesn’t know what happens Then she makes him take her boots off. First she tramples him with barefoot, stands on his head and gives him feet to kiss. Then she covers his head with a pillow and puts on white pumps with metal hobnail. It tires him very much… She begins trampling him in fishnets. Then she puts red 12-cm high-heels on. She tramples his body for a while, then sits down on his face and plays with his cock using shoes. In the end she rises from his face and begins trampling again… She starts trampling him with barefoot. There are red pumps from part 3 lying on his body. Then she starts looking for the next shoes – she chooses golden stilettos. She tramples on his entire body, stands on one leg. Then she takes the shoes off, sits on his face and unties his one hand. While she is standing on his head he finishes with handjob. Time: 32.47 min. REMASTERED – movie from 2004
Agnes 5 WMV
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