169556 – Interactive Punishment Wheel

A genuine interactive punishment wheel: Isn’t that exactly what you always dreamt of? Play online or download a copy for safe keeping. Return again and again when you feel that urge to be punished by Mistress. Even I don’t know what the result is going to be. It’s all up to random chance.The only thing that’s for certain is that I’m going to LOVE watch you get punished for being such a horny LOSER.Edge for me. Up & down, up and down. Those instructions instantly get you hard. Hope you have to stroke all night while sniffing my panties? Embrace masochism and enjoy being punished. I’m going to reward you for playing more.Contains 37 minutes of footage. The video file contains a pre-recorded game as well as instructions on how to use the punishment wheel online, and where to download a copy you can keep locally.
Interactive Punishment Wheel
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