169557 – Blackmail Surprise

I’m extorting you. Surprised?Oh you were so horny then… Thought danger would make exerything more exciting? One way or another: I got your information. Goddesses always win. If anything it’s my prerogative to cheat when it’s against the likes of you.I told you I’d be back when you least expect it. And the time has come. Now you have no choice but to PAY. You belong to me. And so does your cock. Here’s an order: Stroke. NOW. You’ll have to cum for me and you have no choice. It’s going to be important a little later – oh don’t think about it, $troke.If you don’t want me to ruin you right this instant you’ll have to pay. Now. Do you want to find out what happens after you cum, hmh? I won’t let you go until you have given me a little more… leverage yet. Keep stroking.
Blackmail Surprise
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